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The Benefits of Terpenes

The Benefits of Terpenes In our last post, we talked about the benefits of cannabinoids.  They’re medical marijuana’s active ingredient -- the stuff that makes the medicine work. But cannabinoids aren’t the only beneficial chemical compounds inside the cannabis plant.  There’s another class of compounds that also contribute to marijuana’s healing properties.  These compounds may not [...]

Using Marijuana For PTSD

Using Marijuana For PTSD PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) affects 5.2 million Americans each year. Anecdotal evidence suggests that using marijuana for PTSD may be an effective treatment. Unfortunately, marijuana’s Schedule 1 drug status makes it difficult for researchers to conduct conclusive studies. Even so, the state of Nevada includes PTSD as a qualifying condition for medical [...]

Using Marijuana to Treat Anxiety

Using Marijuana to Treat Anxiety Anxiety. Stress. Drama. We may hate it, but we still have to deal with it. Because here's the thing: anxiety is supposed to be good for us! When we feel anxious, it means our body is warning us that danger is ahead. It’s why we look both ways before crossing the [...]

Cannabis and Productivity

Cannabis and Productivity There’s a pervasive stereotype that people who smoke cannabis are lazy underachievers whose primary goal is to finish off that box of Twinkies and binge watch Netflix Thankfully, new information is being discovered that may just prove that generalization wrong. An analysis conducted primarily in California and Colorado, where cannabis is legal, discovered [...]

Types of Cannabis Strains: Know Your Strains – Sativa vs Indica vs Hybrid

Types of Cannabis Strains: Sativa vs Indica vs Hybrid For most cannabis consumers, the words sativa, indica, and hybrid are familiar terms. However, for someone making their first trip to a dispensary, seeing all the different strains can be a bit overwhelming. While these three strains are the broadest division of cannabis types, knowing exactly what [...]

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