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Indiana Marijuana Laws

If you have any intent to buy, sell, or possess marijuana in the state of Indiana, it’s important to be fully aware of Indiana marijuana law. Cannabis laws in Indiana are very strict, and this guide will cover all you need to know about what Indiana law has to say regarding the usage and possession of marijuana for recreational and medical purposes.

Indiana medical Marijuana Laws

Is Marijuana Legal in Indiana?

While some citizens of Indiana hope for Indiana marijuana legalization in the future, the state’s current position is very clear: cannabis in Indiana is 100% illegal for any recreational purpose and for medical purposes, with the small exception of CBD oils and products containing trace amounts of THC (less than 0.3%).

Is Medical Marijuana Legal?

No, medical marijuana is not currently legal in Indiana. There have been efforts to push through Indiana medical marijuana laws in recent years, but these efforts have been unsuccessful so far. For example, in 2015, some bills were introduced on the subject of Indiana marijuana legalization for medical purposes. However, these bills failed to make any progress. Therefore, those in Indiana wishing to use medical marijuana have no legal option, aside from using CBD oil.

Is Recreational Marijuana Legal?

No, recreational marijuana use in Indiana is completely illegal. Again, the only small exception to this is CBD oil; in 2018, a legislative session was held, and legislation was signed to allow the usage of CBD oils and products with less than 0.3% THC for any purpose, including recreational or medicinal.

Indiana medical Marijuana Laws
Indiana Marijuana Laws
Indiana Marijuana Laws

When Will Medical Cannabis Be Available in Indiana?

So far, efforts to legalize medical cannabis in Indiana have proven unsuccessful, and experts aren’t sure if or when Indiana marijuana law might be updated or changed. In 2023, it is expected that several marijuana-related bills will be heard, including a new attempt to legalize small amounts of marijuana for medical usage. However, there is no telling whether or not these bills will be successful, and Indiana’s track record suggests that it might be several years before new Indiana medical marijuana laws are brought in.

Indiana Marijuana Laws

In this section, we’ll look at how Indiana marijuana law works in relation to the possession, sale, and cultivation of marijuana, and so on.

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Possession & Purchase

It is illegal to buy, sell, or possess marijuana in the state of Indiana. Those found with any amount can be charged with a misdemeanor and receive a jail sentence of up to 180 days, along with a fine of $1,000. Those with previous drug offenses can have more severe punishments if they are found in possession. The only exception to all of this is CBD products with less than 0.3% THC, which are legal for any use in the state of Indiana.

How Much Can I Buy and Possess?

You cannot buy and possess any amount of cannabis in this state. Even small amounts are not allowed. However, you can buy as much CBD with less than 0.3% THC as you like.

Where Can I Obtain Cannabis?

You cannot obtain cannabis legally in any way in Indiana. The only cannabis-related product that you can buy is CBD oil, which can be obtained either online or from certain retailers around the state.

Who Can Legally Purchase Cannabis in Indiana?

Nobody is allowed to purchase cannabis in Indiana. However, there are no restrictions on who can buy and use CBD.

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cannabis Home Cultivation in Mississippi
cannabis Home Cultivation in Mississippi

Home Cultivation

Cultivation of marijuana is illegal in Indiana.


Indiana does not recognize medical marijuana cards from other states.


Indiana marijuana law forbids any usage of cannabis, either recreational or medical.

Where Can I Safely Consume Cannabis?

It is illegal to consume cannabis in the state of Indiana in any location, public or private.

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Qualifying Patients

Usually, for medical marijuana, patients need to have a certain health condition in order to qualify for a medical marijuana card and access medicinal weed. However, this is not the case in Indiana, as medical marijuana has not yet been legalized. So, even patients with chronic conditions like cancer cannot have access to this drug.

Are Edibles Legal in Indiana?

No, edibles are not currently legal in the state of Indiana and there are no plans to introduce any Indiana edible marijuana laws in the future.

How to Obtain a Medical Card?

If you’re looking for an Indiana medical marijuana card, it’s not yet possible to obtain one. Indiana has not legalized medical marijuana and currently has no plans to do so, so this state does not have a medical marijuana card program at this time.

Overall, Indiana marijuana laws are not as strict as certain other states, but it’s still possible to get into a lot of legal trouble and face serious punishments for owning, buying, or using marijuana in this state. For that reason, any individuals wishing to make use of marijuana in Indiana should be fully aware of the laws and the risks involved.

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