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    $199 Gets You Legal Today!
    Full Money-Back Guarantee!


    $199 Gets You Legal Today!
    Full Money-Back Guarantee!


Marijuana Doctors

Bradenton residents, are you excited now that medical marijuana is legal in Florida? Have you been wondering whether it can help you control the symptoms of your other medications? If you have been, come and see why Dr. Green Relief is one of the top Florida marijuana card certification providers in the state.

The process for getting medical marijuana card started with getting an evaluation by one of our marijuana doctors. To qualify for the program, you have to be diagnosed by an eligible cannabis doctor certified by the Florida medical marijuana program to make marijuana recommendations. And that’s precisely who we are, fully-trained Bradenton medical marijuana doctors ready to help you understand how marijuana could help you and qualify you for the program. And if you don’t qualify under the current law, your visit is free!

Our Bradenton office is ready to serve you. Make an appointment with one of our doctors to see if you qualify for the Florida medical marijuana program

Our Doctors Can Now Certify You to Legally Purchase and Consume Smokable Medical Cannabis

Purchase up to 2.5 oz | Possess up to 4 oz

*Pending finalized state approved forms and ultimately physicians discretion.

Our Doctors Can Now Certify You to Legally Purchase and Consume Smokable Medical Cannabis

Purchase up to 2.5 oz | Possess up to 4 oz

*Pending finalized state approved forms and ultimately physicians discretion.

Marijuana Doctor Evaluation

Once you’re evaluated by Dr. Green Relief for Florida marijuana card, we’ll tell you if you qualify for the program.

Marijuana Card Education

If you qualify, we will get the paperwork started for your Florida marijuana card and educate you about the program.

Marijuana Doctor Medication

When you receive your card, take it to any dispensary in Florida to receive your medication and instruction on how to use it.

Voted The Best Medical
Marijuana Doctors in Bradenton

Why are we the top provider of medical marijuana certifications in Bradenton? It’s because our patients love our professionalism and compassion. Getting examined for enrollment in the program shouldn’t mean that you should face a cannabis doctor near you who thinks you’re trying to just get high.

Years of drug propaganda have pushed the idea that marijuana has no place in medicine. But it’s just not true and the science proves it. And now, so does the law. But we understand that patients might be nervous about asking about using marijuana to treat their symptoms. That’s why we strive to keep a clean, professional environment where you can discreetly get the testing and the answers you need.

As more people use marijuana and see the positive effects it has on health, the more it will get accepted. Come to our Bradenton marijuana doctors and we’ll help you get a Florida marijuana card at an affordable price.


Lowest Priced Certifications

Thousands Of Patients Approved

Legally Purchase & Use Cannabis

100% Money-Back Guarantee

Marijuana Card Program

Florida Marijuana Card Program

It’s important to know that marijuana is only partially legalized in Bradenton. It is not available for recreational use. Furthermore, you have to be diagnosed by marijuana doctors registered in the program to gain access to the dispensaries.
If you are approved by our cannabis doctors, we will get the paperwork started to get a Florida cannabis card. Once you have that, you can buy from dispensaries and prove to the police that you can use and transport marijuana within the state. Even if you have a qualifying condition, you must have the card to be legal!


AIDS/HIV Cannabis Card


Cachexia Cannabis Card


Chronic Pain Cannabis Card

Chronic Pain

Cancer Cannabis Card


Sickle Cell Anemia Cannabis Card

Muscle Spasms

Seizures Cannabis Card


Glaucoma Cannabis Card


Seizures Cannabis Card


PTSD Cannabis Card


And More! Many Conditions Qualify For Medical Cannabis In Florida.
Take Confidence In Our 100% Money-Back Guarantee!

Medical Marijuana Card Cost

Marijuana Card Cost

There are fees you have to pay to get the card. We offer the cheapest price for a marijuana card. The first is a fee to us for your diagnosis. The second is to the state to register for your marijuana card. At this time, the total cost is around $250.

Medical Marijuana Laws

Marijuana Laws

If you don’t have a card, you’re not legal!

Dr. Green Relief will educate you on where you can get your cannabis and how much you can have without breaking the law.

Bradenton Marijuana Dispensaries

Marijuana Dispensaries

The only place to legally buy marijuana in Florida is through a state dispensary. This is much safer than buying off the street. All dispensary products are lab-tested so you can get the right balance of cannabinoids for your condition.

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