Why Pay Extra For Your Nevada Marijuana Card?

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Patients interested in obtaining a Nevada Medical Marijuana Card should be advised that it is not necessary to pay a consultant to do the process for you. Once you have been evaluated and recommended by one of our Las Vegas Marijuana Doctors, the state application itself is quite simple. We will gladly assist you through the process without the consultant fees imposed by other clinics. This is important to know because nearly half of all card holding patients in Nevada have overpaid for their MMJ cards in excess of $350!

Dr. Green Relief is different! We educate and empower patients through the process of becoming legal. Our Las Vegas Marijuana Doctors are compassionate and knowledgeable. After scheduling an appointment, patients work directly with the doctor and the State of Nevada to enroll in the registry program. Remember, the only costs you should be paying are for your visit with the doctor and the fees imposed by the state to enroll in the registry program.

Nevada Marijuana Card Approval Stamp