Marijuana as an Aphrodisiac? Studies Say “Yes!”

Marijuana as an Aphrodisiac? Studies Say “Yes!”

Looking to spice up your sex life? Cannabis may hold the answer!

Of course, conditions such as “erectile dysfunction” don’t exactly qualify you for medical marijuana use. But if you do have a qualifying condition, there’s no reason why you can’t take advantage of marijuana’s other medicinal properties.

And this could be good news for men and women who don’t want to pay outrageous prices for sexual enhancement drugs. Viagra and Cialis costs $50 a pill without insurance. The enhancement drug Addyi, specifically designed for women, costs $800 for a one-month supply.

In this post, we’ll discuss why marijuana can work as an aphrodisiac. We’ll also give you some tips to keep in mind if you’re thinking about bringing cannabis into the bedroom.

People Have Used Marijuana as an Aphrodisiac for a LONG Time

The use of marijuana as an aphrodisiac goes at least as far as back as the seventh century. Cannabis was used by the ancient Indians as part of their tantric sex rituals. Instead of smoking it, however, cannabis was mixed with milk and various herbs, spices, and nuts to create a drink called bhang.

Bhang not only helped increase sexual pleasure, but it was also used as an aid to spiritual enlightenment. Talk about getting more bhang for your buck!

(Come on. That one was too easy).

In 1930s Russia, virgin brides used a mixture of cannabis and lamb fat to help ease the pain of first-time sex. And, of course, it also made sex a lot more enjoyable!

Why Marijuana Works As an Aphrodisiac

More research is needed on the aphrodisiac effects of marijuana, but here’s what we do know:

  • Marijuana works directly with our body’s endocannabinoid system, which controls, among other things, our coordination, memory, and our feelings of pain and pleasure.
  • When we consume marijuana, chemical compounds known as cannabinoids enter our bloodstream and bind with receptors in our brains.
  • This is why people typically experience euphoria when they use marijuana. And it may explain why sex feels even better than normal when we’re under marijuana’s influence.

What Studies Say About Marijuana as an Aphrodisiac

  • Business Insider published a report on a study which found that 50 percent of participants felt “aphrodisiac effects” after using marijuana. 75 percent said that marijuana increased their overall sense of pleasure.
  • These findings are fairly consistent with other studies. In 1970, Former sociology professor Erich Goode conducted a survey on this subject. He found that 50 percent of marijuana users felt aphrodisiac effects, whereas two-thirds said it increased their feelings of pleasure.
  • In 1983, a study performed by the Journal of Sex Research got nearly the exact same results as the 1970 Goode survey.

3 Things You Should Know Before Using Marijuana as an Aphrodisiac

  1. Marijuana Enhances What You’re Already Feeling

Marijuana isn’t an aphrodisiac in the sense that, once you take it, it automatically makes you more interested in having sex.

Rather, marijuana tends to enhance what thoughts and feelings you’re already experiencing. If you’re in the presence of someone who you already find attractive, marijuana may enhance that feeling and make sex with that person more pleasurable.

On the other hand, if you’re with someone that you’re not attracted to, marijuana is just as likely to make you want to get away from that person, sit on the couch, and eat Fritos.

2. Different Types and Strains Will Have Different Effects

Marijuana isn’t a “catch-all” aphrodisiac that has the same, consistent effect on everybody.

We all have different bodies and temperaments. As a result, we all respond differently to marijuana, depending on the type and strain we’re using.

Two very basic examples are:

  • The “body high” you get from using indicas, which make you more relaxed
  • The “head high” you get from sativas, which make you feel more energized and alert

It’s possible that both of these types of marijuana could be useful for sexual activity. It all depends on you and how you react to them. You may have to experiment. If you’re not too shy, ask your budtender for a recommendation.

3. Less is More.

A woman sent in a letter to Leafly, saying that she and her boyfriend had both eaten a 120 mg edible and smoke two joints over the course of two days. They tried to have sex on the second day, only to find that their “nether regions” had become numb.

The lesson here is pretty clear: too much marijuana can kill the romance. The main culprit was probably that 120 mg edible, which most likely overwhelmed their nervous systems and caused their private parts to “go dark.”

But when it comes to sex, there’s also such a thing as using too little marijuana. Former professor Erich Goode observed that consuming 50 joints over the course of six months (a little more than two joints a week) can enhance sexual performance. On the other hand, smoking less than a joint a week can actually hurt your performance.

In other words, you’ll need to find your own personal “Goldilocks zone” – not too little but not too much!

What do you think about marijuana as an aphrodisiac? Have you ever used it for that reason? Or do you prefer to keep cannabis out of the bedroom? Share your comments with us on Facebook!