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  • Earn points with DR. GREEN RELIEF’S

    Dr Green Relief Rewards Program
  • Earn points with DR. GREEN

    Dr. Green Relief rewards

In order to use cannabis legally in Florida, you have to be registered into the Florida Marijuana Program. Not everyone knows the details or about which physicians are able to qualify people in the program.
That’s why we encourage our patients to send us referrals, and it’s why we have a rewards program.

After your visit at Dr. Green Relief you will receive a thank you text message with a unique URL specifically associated with you. Share that short link anywhere you would like and start receiving credit for your referrals! Friends, Family, Coworkers, Social Media. Instagram, Facebook. Text Message and anywhere else you would like. Each referral is worth 100 points!

300 Points – Dr. Green Relief T-shirt

400 Points – Dr. Green Relief baseball Hat

500 Points – $50 Surterra Dispensary Gift Card

1000 Points – A free renewal or a $100 off voucher for your next visit

1000 Points – $100 Surterra Gift Card

Dr. Green Relief gift card
Dr. Green Relief rewards

The more people we can get into the program, the more we can help the people in our state get the medicine they need. Plus, the more data we have, the more pressure we can put on legislators to open the program to more conditions.

When you have earned enough to redeem your points, fill out this form and let us know which prize you want.

We’ll check your point total and will have the voucher ready for you at your next visit. It’s our way of saying thank you for helping us grow! Thank you for your referrals and thank you for spreading the positive word about medical marijuana!


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