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Dr. Green Relief Orlando Marijuana Doctors

Dr. Green Relief Orlando Marijuana Doctors is the #1 provider of Florida Cannabis Card Certifications. Need to visit a Medical Marijuana Doctor in Orlando? Schedule an appointment with us today, and a doctor who understands the benefits of medical cannabis will give you an assessment.

Why is Dr. Green Relief the leading choice for Orlando Marijuana Doctors? We make the Florida Medical Marijuana Card Certification process quick and easy. Our professional team knows how best to serve you, so if you are considering medical cannabis, contact us today! You’ll learn quickly why our Florida Cannabis Clinics are continuously voted #1.

Dr. Green Relief doctors serve the surrounding cities of Winter Park, Altamonte Springs, Apopka, Clermont, Lake Buena Vista, Kissimmee, and St. Cloud.

Plus, if you make an appointment with us, and it turns out you don’t qualify for medical cannabis, our doctors offer a 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

1) Evaluate

Dr. Green Relief Orlando Marijuana Doctor

The first step toward getting your Florida Marijuana Card is to be certified by a Dr. Green Relief Orlando Marijuana Doctor.

Get Evaluated

2) Educate

Nevada Marijuana Registry Application

After one of our Orlando Marijuana Doctors certifies you, you’ll be educated about the Florida Cannabis program and its laws.

Get Educated

3) Medicate

Nevada Medical Marijuana Card

Once you get your Florida Marijuana Card, you can start purchasing marijuana products at medical cannabis dispensaries in Florida.

Get Medicated

The #1 Orlando Marijuana Doctors

Do you know why Dr. Green Relief is the #1 marijuana doctor in Orlando?

It’s because we offer a premium level of service from the minute you walk through our doors to the minute you leave. Everything begins and ends with you: the patient! After all, without you, we couldn’t do what we do. And that’s why our marijuana clinic in Orlando always goes above and beyond what’s necessary so that our patients receive the best possible care.

We also take great pride in our business. We don’t operate out of a back alley or a sketchy-looking strip mall! When you come to visit us for your Florida Medical Marijuana Card Certification, you’ll be served inside of an upscale medical office that’s clean, professional, and private.

Dr. Green Relief has helped thousands of patients receive legal access to medical cannabis. Come to our Orlando Medical Marijuana Clinic so that we can help you as well!

The Benefits

  • Lowest Priced Evaluations
  • Less Taxes On Purchases
  • Larger Purchase & Cultivation Limits
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee

Las Vegas Marijuana Approval

Florida Medical Marijuana Card Program

Here’s how the Florida Medical Marijuana Card Program works:

In November 2016, Florida residents voted “Yes” on Amendment 2, which permits patients to qualify for Medical Cannabis under a wide variety of medical conditions as long as they’ve been approved by a doctor.

An Orlando Marijuana Doctor will need to certify you so that you can get your Florida Cannabis Card. After you’re certified, you’ll be immune from state-level criminal prosecution for the use, possession, and purchase of medical cannabis in Florida as long as you abide by state laws.

Dr. Green Relief Orlando Florida Marijuana Card Registry

Florida Marijuana Card Cost

There are two fees you’ll need to pay in order to get an Orlando Marijuana Card 1) Our Orlando Marijuana Doctors certification fee. 2) Your annual State Card fee, which must be paid to the Florida Office of Medical Marijuana Use.

Orlando Florida Marijuana Laws

Florida Medical Marijuana Laws

Want to avoid getting busted? With a Florida Medical Marijuana Card, you can legally buy, possess, and consume Medical Cannabis. At Dr. Green Relief Orlando Marijuana Doctors, we’ll help you become legal today!

Orlando Florida Marijuana Dispensaries

Orlando Marijuana Dispensaries

Get a Florida Cannabis Card, and you can purchase Marijuana products from licensed Orlando Dispensaries. You’ll get access to lab-tested cannabis products – not to mention a professional staff that can help you make informed purchases!

Dr. Green Relief Orlando Marijuana Doctors Can Help You!

Take Confidence In Our 100% Money-Back Guarantee!


It’s easy to book an appointment with Dr. Green Relief Orlando Marijuana Doctors. Just give us a call at (800) 420-8423 or make an appointment online 24/7.

Prior to your appointment, you should gather any relevant medical records that you have. This may include the diagnosis of your condition, your doctor’s notes, treatment history, list of medications prescribed, and notated versions of your MRIs or X-rays.

Even though it’s helpful to bring your medical records to your appointment, it’s not necessary. Our Orlando Marijuana Doctors can get them from your regular doctor as long as you sign a medical records release form.

So if you don’t have copies of your medical records, don’t let that discourage you from making an appointment with our Florida Medical Cannabis Doctors! Our licensed and qualified physicians can help you create the necessary medical records that you need.

If you want to visit our Orlando Marijuana Doctors, but you’d first like to get a copy of your medical records, just call either your doctor’s office or the medical facility that has been treating you and request the records. They’ll most likely ask you to sign a medical records release form.

Either way, Dr. Green Relief Orlando Marijuana Doctors can give you a medical evaluation and a Cannabis Card Certification — with or without your previous medical records.

We’re sorry to say that insurance companies will not cover medical cannabis products or services because cannabis is still illegal under federal law.

However, Dr. Green Relief Orlando Marijuana Doctors offers low-cost, affordable Orlando Cannabis Card certifications so that ALL Floridians can have access to medical cannabis.

Here’s a list of qualifying conditions that allow patients to get a Florida Medical Marijuana Card. Dr. Green Relief Orlando Marijuana Doctors serves patients who suffer from conditions including but not limited to the following:

  • Chronic Pain
  • Cancer
  • Seizures
  • Glaucoma
  • Crohn’s disease
  • Muscle spasms
  • (PTSD)
  • Multiple sclerosis

*If you suffer from an illness that’s not on the list, you may still be eligible for certification if that illness can be treated using medical cannabis. Just tell our Orlando Marijuana Doctor about your illness and symptoms, and the doctor will determine if cannabis is right for you.

We offer a 100% Money-Back Guarantee! If our doctor doesn’t certify you for a Florida Medical Marijuana Card, you don’t have to pay a dime!

Before you make an appointment with one of our Orlando Marijuana Doctors, please take some time to look over the following Pre-Visit Requirements that everyone must meet in order to receive a Florida Medical Card.

  • 18 years of age or older
  • Valid Florida License Or Florida Picture ID
  • Proof Of Residency (If You Don’t Have A Florida License Or ID)
  • Medical Records (If Applicable)

You’ll be meeting with a licensed doctor who is authorized to approve you for the use of Cannabis Medicine in Florida.

So if you never received treatment for your condition, or you don’t have copies of your medical records, one of our Orlando Marijuana Doctors can help you document your medical history.

Once you arrive at Dr. Green Relief, our friendly staff will greet you and ask that you check in. You’ll then be given a new patient questionnaire form that you’ll need to fill out completely before one of our qualified Orlando Marijuana Doctors will meet with you.

During your appointment, you’ll need to explain your condition and symptoms to the doctor. After you’ve finished, the doctor will look over your medical history and talk about the benefits and risks of using Medical Marijuana. Once the doctor has certified you for the use of Medical Marijuana, your information and medical cannabis order will be entered into the Florida Compassionate Use Registry. Your order will then be available for purchase at any licensed Florida dispensary.

In order to be considered for a Florida Medical Marijuana Card Certification, you must bring a Florida driver’s license, a state ID, or some other proof of residency (lease or utility bill) with your name on it.

If you have medical records to show our Orlando Marijuana Doctors, you should bring those too! While it is helpful to have them, it’s not required. Our physicians can diagnose and treat your condition during your visit.

We know how valuable your time is. We’ll have you in and out of our office as quickly as possible. On the day of your visit with our qualified Orlando Marijuana Doctor, you should plan to spend about an hour at our office. However, our patients are usually done much sooner than that!

No, that’s not necessary. You only need to bring in a list of your prescriptions. Your pharmacy should be able to print out a list for you which you can give to our Orlando Cannabis Doctors.

Absolutely! Our Orlando Marijuana Doctors view medical cannabis just like any other prescription medicine. The doctors will go over dosing guidelines, side effects, and the risks and benefits of cannabis use.

An important question! Our Florida Medical Marijuana Doctors study international medical research and collaborate with other physicians in order to determine the proper cannabis dosage for patients.

Every patient has different requirements, but our Orlando Marijuana Doctors will be able to discern what type of medical cannabis is best for you. Some adjustments to your cannabis dosing may be necessary because finding “the right dose” is usually an individual, case-by-case endeavor. The goods news is that your dose can easily be increased or decreased as needed.

Like any prescription medicine, your cannabis dosing can be modified as necessary. You can also rest easy knowing that our Marijuana Doctors in Orlando will monitor your progress to ensure you achieve the best results.

Absolutely! All of our doctors are either licensed MDs or DOs who have completed the required coursework to become certified Orlando Marijuana Doctors. In order for a doctor to be able to certify patients for the Florida Medical Marijuana Card program, this coursework must first be completed.

We get this question a lot!

Unfortunately, our Orlando Marijuana Doctors are not permitted to sell medical marijuana products (THC or CBD) to patients. However, you can purchase cannabis at a licensed Florida Medical Marijuana Dispensary once you’ve received a doctor’s certification and MMJ card.

Certainly! Once our Orlando Medical Marijuana Doctor certifies you, our staff will be more than happy to help you complete your Florida Medical Cannabis Card state application. Most patients find it fairly self-explanatory, but if you do need help with it, we got you covered!

We understand that getting a passport photo can be a hassle! But the state says you have to submit one with your Florida MMJ card application. That’s why we’re in the process of creating passport photo stations at each of our clinics, including our Orlando Cannabis Clinic.

Our Orlando Marijuana Doctors can ordinarily certify you on the same day as your visit. However, the state can take up to 30 days to process your Florida Medical Marijuana Card Application.

Once you receive your certification from a Florida Marijuana Doctor, there’s just one step left! The state needs to process your MMJ card application, and then you’ll be able to buy medical marijuana from a licensed Florida dispensary.

Florida state law says that your Marijuana Doctor certification lasts for 210 days. Once those 210 days have elapsed, one of our Marijuana Doctors will need to re-certify you. Then your Orlando Marijuana Card renewal will be valid for another 210 days.

Your state-issued Florida Medical Marijuana Card will expire after one (1) year.

No. We advise against telling your boss that an Orlando Cannabis Doctor certified you for a MMJ card. If your employer is anti-cannabis, you might lose your job. Keep in mind that marijuana is still illegal under federal law, so it is up to your employer to decide if your medical cannabis patient status is legitimate. A Florida Cannabis Card won’t protect you from being fired from your job if you fail a drug test.

No. The law doesn’t require you to tell your landlord about your Florida MMJ Card. Our Orlando Marijuana Doctors suggest you keep that information to yourself. Your medical marijuana patient status is part of your medical record, which is private and confidential. If a law enforcement officer interrogates you regarding your medical marijuana home use, show the officer your Florida Medical Marijuana ID Card.

Dr. Green Relief Orlando Marijuana Doctors offers patients dependable clinical expertise at the lowest prices. Your initial certification fee is $199. But if the doctor finds that you don’t qualify for medical cannabis, you don’t pay!

Dr. Green Relief Orlando MMJ Doctors will renew your certification for only $99.

In order for the Department of Health to process your Florida Medical Marijuana Card Application, you’ll need to pay a state fee of $75 every year. This fee also covers the cost of your Florida Medical Marijuana ID Card, which you’ll need to verify your patient status at Florida dispensaries.

Unfortunately, the state will not waive the $75 fee, even for low-income patients. Which is why our team of Orlando Marijuana Doctors tries to accommodate patients of all income brackets by keeping the cost of Florida Cannabis Card Certification low and affordable.

Dr. Green Relief Orlando Marijuana Doctors offers a 100% Money-Back Guarantee. If our doctors don’t certify you for medical marijuana use, you will not be charged. But if you do receive certification, the visit cost will not be refunded.

The $75 state fee is non-refundable. The Department of Health requires that you pay the fee so that they can process your Florida MMJ Card Application and give you an ID card.

Our Orlando Marijuana Doctors accept cash, credit, and debit card. You can use any of these methods to pay your Florida Medical Marijuana Card Certification fee. Unfortunately, you cannot use any type of health insurance to pay for cannabis-related services.

Yes, a minor can apply for a Florida Medical Marijuana Card, but the process of deciding whether or not a child is eligible for medical cannabis takes time and consideration. Two (2) Orlando Marijuana Doctors must approve the child’s certification. The child’s pediatrician or medical specialist must issue the first certification. One of our physicians can issue the second certification if they determine that the benefits of medical marijuana outweigh any risks the child may face.

No. We hold patient privacy in the highest regard. If you join the Florida Medical Marijuana Card Program, your information cannot be shared with your other physicians without your written consent.

We know that life is unpredictable, and sometimes, patients need to reschedule their appointments at the last minute. That’s fine! Our Orlando Marijuana Doctors won’t charge you if you cancel or miss your appointment. Whenever you are ready to get your Orlando MMJ card, we will be ready to assist you.

Dr. Green Relief physicians offer a 100% Money-Back Guarantee, which covers your medical cannabis certification. If you do not qualify for cannabis use, you don’t have to pay.

Absolutely! Our Orlando Marijuana Doctors specialize in family practice as well as medical cannabis! Our patients look forward to seeing our doctors because they can speak openly and truthfully about their treatment options and healthcare goals without fear of being judged. For this reason, many of our patients prefer using our physicians for primary care services after they receive certification for medical marijuana. If you’re interested, our physicians would be more than happy to serve as your primary care provider while they monitor your progress with medical cannabis.

Unfortunately, you cannot. Insurance companies won’t cover the cost of medical cannabis services. But at Dr. Green Relief Orlando Marijuana Doctors, we keep our prices competitive enough that we can help everyone who chooses us as their medical cannabis service provider.

Yes. If you’re an out-of-state visitor, you can still meet with one of our doctors. While the Florida Medical Marijuana Card Program is limited to Florida residents only, seasonal residents are eligible. You just need to provide a Florida lease or utility with your name on it as proof of residency.

We have nothing but good things to say about telemedicine, but unfortunately, Florida law does not permit it to be used for Orlando Marijuana Card Certifications. For your convenience, however, our Orlando Marijuana Doctors offices are centrally located so that you have easy access to them.